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Anything can happen at weddings ... and we will be here to tell you all about it.

The Secret Life
of Weddings

Full of alcohol & bad ideas.



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It's All True.

These girls are not joking. 
Co-hosts Lisa & Rebecca LOVE dishing out the world's craziest wedding tales!

All the stories told on The Secret Life of Weddings Podcast are 100% true and completely unbelievable! These tales of nuptial woe are guaranteed to make you cry-laugh.


Who are Lisa
& Rebecca?

"Who are these two podcast hosts? WTF do they know about weddings anyway?"

Well, first of all we don't appreciate your tone. Secondly, we happen to know a few things because we have been wedding photographers for over 20 years combined in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Yes, we've seen the craziest stuff you can imagine. Do we share our own stories? Not usually - but it does happen, rarely ...

Mostly we share the wildest wedding drama from our listeners and from the news. Remember what they say - truth is stranger than fiction. As we say at the end of every episode - anything can happen at weddings ... and we will be here to tell you all about it.

Anything can
happen at
weddings . . .

... and we will be here to tell you all about it!

Lisa & Rebecca xo


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Stressed AF?

The moment you scream 'YES!' you get precisely 24 hours of pure happiness before your parents start asking you questions about the wedding. Stress kicks in, and it's go time. Need a break from the landmine convo explaining why you don't want to  wear your mother-in-law's 70's wedding dress? Listen to The Secret Life of Weddings Podcast  and  go from hot mess wedding planning mode to hot mess pee your pants laughing instead.


Shop For
Pretty Shit.

One of the best parts about being engaged is FINALLY being able to buy the hilarious & fun stuff you've been looking at longingly for months.

Or maybe you know someone recently engaged? Either way, we have some exclusive & sassy AF Secret Life of Weddings items in our Shop that you and your BFFs will LOVE. Those without a great sense of humour need not apply.


Got Some Wedding Dirt?

We love to hear the craziest wedding stories in the world! Think your story has what it takes to get featured on The Secret Life of Weddings Podcast?

P.S. You can be anonymous if you want.
We don't judge ... or use names, at least.


The Canada

Guess what? We're CANADIAN! It turns out that we have some pretty cool shit that Americans are missing out on ... in particular, legendary Canuck snack cake Jos Louis! These are legendary on our show. Don't be fooled - they are nothing like moon pies or whoopie pies, so don't even with us right now.

Well fear not, because we've created a special Canada Shop especially for our lovely American friends (and the rest of the globe if shipping allows). The best part? When you buy anything from The Canada Shop here on our site, it's all fulfilled seamlessly by Amazon and we are paid a small amount via affiliate links (at NO additional cost to you!) What a perfect way to support The Secret Life of Weddings Podcast and an excuse to get your Canadian snack on at the same time. Thanks for supporting us!


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